About Rebekah

H e l l o !


Thank you for stopping by my website! My name is Rebekah, and I’m a photographer located in Tulsa, Oklahoma (but I love to travel!). I specialize in portraiture (seniors, headshots, family/baby, engagement, even pets!). I also do a limited number of low-budget weddings as well as personal creative/documentary fine art work.


A little about me…

I am 22 years old still figuring out how to adult, a traveler and adventurer, and unhealthily obsessed with my dog. I appreciate music that makes me feel something, 100-degree weather, and hiking. My guilty pleasures include Mexican food, red wine, and of course the occasional TV series binge (probably a comedy or murder show).


Why I do what I do…

Photography has been my passion since I was a child and my business for the past 5 years, but with each session comes new discoveries and challenges that make me fall in love with it all over again. My goal as a photographer is to authentically capture each of my clients’ experiences with creativity and style. A photograph is a memory transferred into a new form, able to be kept and revisited even as the subject may change and grow. Given the uniqueness of this medium where art/design and existing reality collide, it is truly rewarding to produce images that elicit the same feelings of fondness present in the original moments themselves.


I’d love to capture these moments for you! If you are interested, have any questions, and/or want to discuss details, contact me and let’s get to know each other! No two people are exactly the same, so I am flexible and willing to work with client’s individual needs and preferences.